The Jointure & The Creative Campus

580 Old York Road 

Branchburg, NJ 08876

908- 722-1563

For more information or to schdule a visit, please contact us.

Bonnie Scharf

Program Coordinator

908-722-0233 X-112

Peter Diana

School Age Coordinator  

908-722-0233 X-101 

Erica Cruz

Executive Director 

908-722-0233 X-118 

Lisa Giranda 

Assistant Executive Director 

908-722-0233 X-114 

Darnell Scott

Director of Children's Program 

908-722-0233 X-110 

Lauren DeCuollo

Public Relations Coordinator 

908-722-0233 X-115

Maria Vernaci

Administrative Assistant 

908-722-0233 X-117

The Jointure & The Creative Campus

580 Old York Road 

Branchburg, NJ 08876

908-722-1563 or 908-722-0233