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Creative Cuddles offers experienced, caring, friendly and dedicated staff and provides daily experience that meets each child’s individual needs. A lifelong love of learning begins for children at birth. Infants and toddlers are curious and learn through hands on experiences and learn to use their senses to explore. Creative Cuddles provides an environment that stimulates children’s brains while allowing them to participate in hands-on experiences with their trusted caregiver. Your child will be with the same caregiver on a daily basis, which will help ensure stability and create a healthy routine for you and your child. The provider builds a supportive and loving relationship with you and your child to nurture social – emotional development while developing skills as they learn to move and play.


Creative Cuddles providers devote time cuddling and talking to your baby. Caregivers demonstrate a healthy early learning for exploring and communicating. The play area is complete with age appropriate toys and books that allow infants and toddlers to explore and reach developmentally appropriate milestones. Children enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities while following a daily schedules, including a consistent drop off routine, nap times, feeding times and play times. The relationship with Creative Cuddles providers and their families builds a relationship of trust, confidence and independence from infants to toddlers and creates smooth transition for children when they are ready to enter the next level of lifelong learning.

Lisa Giranda 


908.722.1563 X-7


Danielle O'Donnell
Administrator of Registration and Billing 
908-722-1563 x-3

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