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The Jointure has been providing community education for over 100 years. It began in 1914 as a small community initiative in Bound Brook through the Board of Education. Over the years, The Jointure expanded and partnered with other local school districts in Somerset County. Today, the Jointure represents a true "joint venture" in learning. In addition, the Jointure has partnered with local schools providing Preschool Wrap Around, Kindergarten and Before & After School Programs. Preschool classes are also offered at our Creative Campus, formally the St. Bernard's School. We look forward to continuing to bring quality educational experiences to the communities of Somerset County.


Mission Statement:

To provide educational and cultural programs to empower children and adults in our communities to become independent, lifelong learners and to prepare for changing conditions in our society.


Everyone is welcome. There is no residency requirement. Classes are open to anyone 18 years and older, unless an age range is specified. Minors must be registered by a parent or legal guardian and meet the age requirements for a class. To enroll a minor in an adult class or a class where they do not fit the age requirement, permission must be obtained from the Jointure before registering.



The Jointure does not discriminate against any participant, employee, staff member or instructor on the basis of race, color, creed, ancestry, national origin, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital or domestic partnership status, disability, or any other protected category under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. The Jointure is non-sectarian with no religious points of view, and welcomes people of all religions and with no religion. We will make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities, within the limitations of our facilities and resources, with sufficient advanced notice of need in writing. Service animals are always welcome.


Privacy Policy:

Facilities Use:

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